Navigating A Brand


A brand is a reflection of how a company/organization functions as much as it is about what it stands for.

Black Hills, Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning, rebranded as Black Hills Home Services, was committed to the idea of a culture that represents a business from a bygone age; where coworkers are family, customers are your neighbors, and service came with a sharp uniform and a smile.


I was challenged to develop and manage the Black Hills brand and its related facets as it pertains to marketing, design, and communications. In addition, I was also tasked to assist with marketing, copywriting, and generally do design related work.


Black Hills Home Services provides Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical services to the southern Puget Sound region.


Olympia, WA


Service industry

Brand architecture


Brand development & management



There was a lot going on.

This graphic encapsulates the visual identity and branding for Black Hills in 2018 well. Their fleet of vehicles had multiple variations of a Black Hills word mark and a vast lack of consistency with anything their visual branding touched. The Captain Comfort graphic was dated and offered little flexibility.

The identity was updated within the constraints (including keeping the logo mark) at the time. New vehicle wraps for the fleet were also designed, with limited options for variation  available (per constraints).

Black Hills, in summary, before the rebrand.

The solution

After an evaluation to better understand the culture, position, and equity of the brand, work began by developing a general marketing plan (as none previously existed). From this point I was better able to form and design communications around the vision of ownership and the company mission, and then align this with the demands of the market and the customer.

Content development for customer retention

Black Hills relied on customer retention. The Service Superhero Chronicle was incredible important to ownership in this respect. A good amount of research not only into membership psychographics, but into sales focused newsletter content and design resulted in a quarterly newsletter that was both effective and engaging.

Superhero Chronical front
Superhero Chronicle reverse