Stoking the camp fire for kids and families

Camp STIX was looking to revise their time honored and beloved branding towards something with more cohesion, but also that spoke more closely to the fun aspect that the camp has for kids and their families. With the upcoming annual fundraising auction, it was the perfect opportunity to present a revised visual branding with new SWAG and materials their guests would take home.

However, the board and various stakeholders were very attached to the existing identity and overall visual branding design. Working closely with the Camp STIX coordinator and some of the board, we decided to address the point of view of the donors. What part of the story, what part of camp do they see?


Camp STIX is a diabetes camp program program for children and teens suffering from type 2 diabetes.


Spokane, WA


Visual rebranding

Event materials




Print materials


old Camp STIX logo

Original Camp STIX logo

Flexibility in identity

The existing Camp STIX material had previously been developed by college interns. The result was something that looked like it had seen a lot of hands in the making, but there was also the continual visual heaviness of a logo that was mostly dark colors.

The revised proposed identity featured flexibility of use across media. But also for the fledgling Camp TWIGS (and additional slated camps), it gave a foundation for cohesion. One of the main parameters were that a version of the primary logo was bound to similar imagery and shape as the original. But using a typeface that evokes the rustic wood signs from a campground, alternative use logotypes, including a true logo design alternative, deriving from the primary logo were created. Additionally, a brighter, more kid represented color palette was introduced. 

Presenting donors with a taste of the new Camp STIX

In previous years, the visual design for the event had varied widely. While it may have continued on as such, this was an opportunity to present a cohesive identity that told a story about the fun of a summer camp with a cause.


The primary goal for this event was to communicate to new potential donors or attendees that Camp STIX  (and its new found Camp TWIGS) is about normalizing life with diabetes and teaching youth and their families how to live with the condition. But also to make sure that it was still camp in the traditional sense. Design of the marketing materials for this spoke both to the seriousness of the cause and the fun, camp-esque atmosphere they were supporting.

Also showing is use of the revised branding for SWAG for the event.

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