Aesthetics, UX foundations for student workspace


Inquirious was an app concept meant to spark inquiry driven research in students from the elementary grades through to high school.


The idea was to lead the student/user through the research process, inculcating and cultivating a natural understanding for how the research process works while also inhibiting the ability to do so creatively, encouraging them to form their own ideas and concepts. The ultimate hope wasn't only that the student would learn better, but that they are allowed the necessary incentive to continue to learn while exploring and getting to understand their own abilities and interests and then capitalizing on those.


Inquirious was an inquiry based application for students that encouraged exploration, creativity and the proper research methodology


Spokane, WA


Visual identity

Art direction

User experience




An identity for grounding and setting the tone

Geodesic Workshop was initially hired to develop the identity for Inquirious and provide art direction during the development stage towards a minimum viable product. Developed alongside the UI elements, which are somewhat abstract and warm and airy, the identity informed a baseline palette and a grounding to the aesthetic. Showing below are selections from the identity guidelines (including some notes on the process.)

UI + UX: encouraging intellectual discovery

The UI elements were intended to evolve over the use lifetime of a student. The palette and aesthetic was intended to have calm, soft feeling and to be bright with the intent of providing a warm, familiar space that the student would want to come back to. The elements are made of a number of soft shapes that are accented by thin geometry and outlines.


Along with the development of the UI and art direction, I also worked with the founder and developers on early user experience concepts focused on encouraging constructive behaviors towards a student/users research and concept building featuring small reward systems built in.

Inquirious draft board

Production was halted due to loss of expected funding. However, during the MVP development, the idea was that the UI and dashboard in general balance structure with an airy-floating layout. Something between following a loose grid and the center space allowing flow of process between the 'idea cloud' (or 'thesis cloud' for older students), the 'research flash light' and the 'drafting board'. The 'drafting board' is a separate workspace that allows your layout to be active in a creative space. The student could store ideas in a bin (on the right side menu), combine ideas (simple shapes into 3D forms), take notes and combine the notes with concepts and ideas and researched facts.