Scandinavian bones

Linda approached me with the goal of having a lasting monogram which spoke to her Scandinavian heritage.

I love projects that allow me to take from a variety of fields for aesthetic research. They often tend to elicit the best results. I was able to take from Scandinavian history, from her personal stories and input, and from architecture and industrial design as well as nature. The result came together like magic. Because Scand culture is speaks so well with it's natural resources and geography, it made the combination of elements like stone and wood to mix with bone wood furniture and that rough, true to nature architecture which lends itself well naturally to the typography of the area as well.


Linda Kozora is a holistic physical therapist based in the South Perry District of Spokane.


Spokane, WA


Visual identity

Web design



Web design

Kozora logo with inspiration (+ notes to the client)
Designed collateral

I worked with a web developer to come up with a solution that incorporated Linda's aesthetic with a site that allowed her clients to book an appointment with her across all devices.

Additionally, I designed her a letterhead, forms, a business card, and some other miscellany. It's not the size of the project, sometimes, but the simple pleasures of making a great, boutique visual identity that speaks to the client personally and professionally.