"We love it, but we want more America in the logo."


Steel Structures America was collab effort with a small agency handling web development and logistics. I was tasked with creating a visual identity and website mockup for SSA. Research was done jointly with previous work done by Sixth Man Marketing in order to address UI/UX for proposed website.


Steel Structures America is
the largest post frame steel
building contractor in the NW.


Spokane, WA


Brand development

Web experience


Identity & Branding


America is in the name

The revised identity was requested to be based around a patriotic "structure" design. It was my intention to communicate the desired sense of patriotism, but with minimal representation of the American flag or its full colors, in order to not distract from what the company actually does. The original color palette was for a copper orange (which was approved for and used in the website design) and a stoney-navy blue. The full red, white and blue logo was suggested by the contracting company.


Alternate logos are also showing below.

Developing a Great Customer Web Experience

Long time Spokane agency Sixth Man Marketing had been hired originally by Steel Structures America to do market and design research for updated branding and website design. When I took over the project, a good amount of the research and ideas for wire framing the website was turned over to me. I took these ideas and added my own research for the web user interface and user experience design.

I worked at length with SSA on what they were looking for from the moment a customer was interested to mapping out the process of their decision making, to imagining what their end product looked like, to the point of contact and the afterward leading to the final sale of Steel Structure America's services.

A "build-a-structure" basis for the website was mocked up, hitting all the critical touchpoints the customer might require and the opportunities to connect with SSA directly at the comfort and as necessary for the customer. This created a fluid, easy to understand process—taking the complexity of what a customer has in their imagination about what they want, and guiding them through a creative process that is also a complete sales funnel.

SSA landing page mockup