Forests. Water. Wildlife.


Non-profit organizations receive around 70% of their donations from individuals. For The Lands Council, their demographic had long been those of a generation of older adults.

I was tasked with revitalizing the identity and branding, aligning it with a younger audience, in order to draw more interest and support to the organization and its causes.


The Lands Council is a non-profit organization focusing stewardship of the forests, waters and wildlife in the Inland Northwest.


Spokane, WA


Non-profit organization

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Identity & Branding

Brand Strategy & Awareness

The Lands Council bumper sticker
"Near nature" & in nature.

While the desired demographic was spread out across the 25-45 age range, we were looking to a particular social milieu with traits the potential donors all had in common: they were backpacking, trail hiking, outdoors loving (even when the outdoors is your literal backyard) "Pacific Northwesterners." Spokane naturally is an access point to everything The Lands Council is about. After all, "near nature" is where they live. In nature is where they thrive.

Developing a Solution

The Lands Council logo itself was quite dated. However, the stipulation was to essentially update it "without anyone noticing." In doing this, I decided to create a mural image that gave a larger aesthetic context to where the logo came from. This allowed me a larger visual palette for reference.

Six "badges" utilized this mural to define the varying aspects The Lands Council focused on. This made it possible to draw potential donors to a specific cause they identified with. This was further reflected in the website strategy.

The question of raising awareness was simply a matter of knowing what gets the target audience out of the house on a Friday night.


To initiate the new branding to the target audience, the Development Director and I created an event called Brewftop. Brewftop took place at a rooftop event space conveniently located adjacent to a brewery and The Lands Council offices.


Black Label Brewing and TLC created a unique brew featuring new aspects of the visual branding on the label. I co-coordinated the event, attaching a local popular-to-the-demographic musician to perform live, as well as hosting a live screen printing table.

The event was such a success that it became an annual event and fundraising effort.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 4.28.21 PM.png

Further consultation was provided to The Lands Council towards the communicating and strategy of the brand, as well as design services over the period of a couple years.